Mexican Food: For Spicy Lovers

As you all know, Mexican cuisine has been considerably influenced by the Spanish, but also the Caribbean, French, and American culinary traditions.

Its cuisine varies considerably from country to country or according to the area, almost obvious with so many influences and with a very large territory like Mexico.

The dishes that are eaten in Mexico have little to do with those that are eaten in Mexican restaurants in our area.

In general, Mexican dishes can be quite spicy due to the use of the habanero pepper, defined as one of the spiciest. When ordering dishes it is important to ask for the degree of spiciness in order to adjust accordingly. Then there is the habit of always accompanying the dishes with different sauces, often useful for dampening the spiciness.

For those who love spicy Mexico is a destination to adore.

In Mexico, all dishes are generally served with tortillas, rice chili”(Arroz)”, beans “(frijoles)” and sauces with varying degrees of spiciness.

Generally, we in America but also in Europe, when we think of Mexican cuisine we immediately think of Tacos, yet it is not only this … Mexico boasts so many recipes …

Little known by us, but highly appreciated by them the “Chilaquiles”

These are “totopos” or pieces of fried or toasted corn tortillas covered with a spicy green sauce of course … or red sauce, and it is one of the absolute favorite Mexican dishes. They are mainly served with raw onions, pieces of chicken, minced meat, eggs, cheese, sour cream, beans and much more. Mexicans usually eat them for breakfast, or as a hangover remedy !! Well, actually there was to be imagined …

Why not try a nice plate of “pozole”?

The “pozole” is one of the oldest Mexican dishes: it dates back to the Aztec period and is served only on special occasions. It is a stew or a soup made of cooked corn that can be served with meat, finely sliced ​​cabbage, “chili pepper (… come on …), onion, garlic, and other flavors.

Enchiladas are also a tortilla-based dish, but it is a dish similar to rolled pancakes, filled with different creams and covered with spicy sauce.

Of course, not all Salem Mexican food in Mexico is spicy … we would miss more, among other things, you can ask that the spicy not be put where required …. therefore a cuisine suitable for anyone who wants to try this good cuisine with ancient origins and old influences.

There are many dishes where you can find chilli, a spice loved by Mexicans, and not only …

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On the streets, you can find several truck salem Mexican food, called “Comida callejera”, which prepare every type of dish, from tacos to tortillas, to tamales. The advice is to choose the most crowded and popular with the locals.

There are also small restaurants, similar to our “trattorias”, which offer a “Comida corrida”, or a complete menu at a really affordable price. Typically, the menu includes a soup, a meat dish and a side dish based on rice and tortillas, including water, dessert and coffee.

How about a nice trip to Mexico? …